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Thrifting in the Willamette Valley

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

With Portland Revibe + Bethany Michelle Consulting

My good friend, Taylor, is one of the most formidable small business owners I know. She grew her side hustle, Portland Revibe, into a full-blown career. Now, she spends day and night working tirelessly to supply beautiful, vintage, sustainable products to people across the country. She is relentlessly focused on tapping the brakes on "fast fashion" and breathing new life into antiques.

When she asked if I would join her on a sourcing trip, I had to say yes!

We hit the road with Bethany, another badass small business owner. She is a nationally registered and licensed pediatric Occupational Therapist, sensory specialist and certified yoga instructor. Her time is devoted to sensory empowerment coaching, parent coaching, and other courses to support those with sensory processing difficulties. When she isn't coaching, she teaches yoga to kiddos (just hand her the saint status, already!).

We made our way from Portland to Tigard for a quick stop in Value Village, and then drove on to Newberg to pop through the Willamette Valley's best hidden gems.

I'll be honest, I even had to grab a painting or two for myself from the Lafayette Schoolhouse Antique Mall.

By the late afternoon, the sun had started to set which gave everything in the store such a beautiful, soft light.

No trip - and I mean no trip to the Newberg area is complete without a pit stop at Red Hills Market in Dundee. They have the most divine local eats and small, locally-made snacks and gifts. If you've got the time, save room for a craft cocktail and a heavenly cookie.

Lastly, I wanted to make sure both Taylor (pictured in the bottom row) and Bethany (pictured in the top row) had some headshots to take with them.

It was such a pleasure to spend the day with both of these women who are out here doing incredible things!

Traveling is wonderful, but traveling with friends is the best. Especially when you get to help someone celebrate a big accomplishment or show off their success.


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