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Photographing Hagg Lake Mud Runs

In February, the Oregon Road Runners Club never fails to host its annual Hagg Lake Mud Run, rain or shine. In fact, rain is preferred. Some of Oregon and Washington's craziest runners sign up to slip and slide through lakeside trails over the course of 15 - 31 miles, depending on which race they sign up.

Some even opt to race both days, covering either 25K both days (plus a little extra), or 50K the first day and 25K the second. These folks are tough, and many have been participating for several years.

I had an absolute blast covering the literal blood sweat and tears that rolled into the finish line both days. I am so impressed by the volunteers, runners, and race directors who all make this such a special experience for the participants.

I can't recommend this race enough, and I can't wait to see everyone's faces next year. I bet everyone has already forgotten just how tough it was and can't wait to get back out there.

View my full gallery of favorites from this day on my portfolio.



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