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Hagg Lake Mud Run

First: thank you to Hagg Lake Mud Run's race director, Teri Smith for letting me to run around with my camera and graciously, graciously offering her mentorship. Thank you also to Chris Low, the official course photographer, for allowing me to bop around and take photos as well.

Second: The trail running community is so warm, encouraging, tough-as-nails and good hearted. It was an honor to capture a few moments at the 2022 Hagg Lake Mud Runs!

I love the action, but the start lines, finish lines and little moments at the aid stations in between are so special, too.

On the course, I fumbled (and fumbled, and fumbled) with my manual settings. Catching action in low light is tough! I am definitely looking forward to sharpening that skill (does anyone want to run back and forth in front of me for a few hours?).


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